About The Kaikoura Health Facility Charitable Trust

The Kaikoura Health Facility Charitable Trust was established in 2012 to provide for support, develop, fund, contribute to and promote the provision of comprehensive health services and health related infrastructure across the Kaikoura District.

Its core purpose is to ensure that a new health facility incorporating the hospital, rest home, medical centre, physiotherapy and other health services is constructed to ensure that a high standard of health care is available to the Kaikoura community and its visitors.
The current Hospital is past its service life. Key parts of the current Hospital are 100 years old. The building is the oldest health facility still in use in Canterbury.
This results in the inability to take best advantage of the integration of care that is a feature of the health service culture in Kaikoura to deliver new models of care and more efficient service delivery because of facility inflexibility. More modern adaptable facilities will provide for greater service integration, new models of care and more efficient delivery of health services.
Our geographical isolation makes a new facility even more important. Kaikoura is 180km (a two hour 30 minute drive) to Christchurch and 130 km (a one hour 40 minute drive) to Blenheim.
As a rural, isolated community 2.5 hours away from Christchurch, it is vital that the range of health and associated services can be accessed locally.
The Kaikoura District Council has recognised that “extreme weather events” will be a “key Issue” over the next ten years and past events have highlighted the need for self-sufficiency as almost annually all arterial routes into Kaikoura become impassable at some stage.
The imperative for change is to secure a clinically sustainable future for Kaikoura and meet the Government’s objectives for “better, sooner, more convenient “ primary and community health care
The new Health Care Facility will provide the safe and appropriate physical space required to support the delivery of “better, sooner, more convenient” health care in the Kaikoura community and is a key part of the physical infrastructure to enable a generational change in the health system.


Strategic Direction


He waka eke noa

A canoe which we are all in with no exception

Our Vision

A high standard of healthcare for all Kaikoura residents and visitors

Our Mission

The Kaikoura Health Facility Charitable Trust will focus on ensuring that the development of an integrated family health care facility promotes and protects wellness and provides sustainable and equitable access to high quality health care and support services for all Kaikoura residents and visitors to our rurally isolated district.